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Welcome to June Day Productions

We are one of Johannesburg's finest corporate video production companies. Our passionate and creative production team offers the full range of corporate video production services.

Video is the most popular medium by far, comprising 80% of all online content consumed.

It is immersive, entertaining and grabs your attention. Done right, it has the power to transform your business.

Our production team handles video projects of all sizes, from marketing videos for the web and social media to event coverage and training videos.

If you aren't creating video yet you are falling behind.
Don't panic. But don't wait either.

Company Profile Video

Company profile videos are the most common type of corporate film and they are popular for good reason.

Great company profiles express the internal culture of the company behind the product or service.

A carefully scripted profile video enhances your brand, creates awareness and expresses the passion with which you interact in the world. 

corporate video

There are many applications for business video, ranging from video marketing content to educational video and corporate event coverage. Here are just a few for you to consider:

Product demo Videos

A demo video helps you to show how your product or service actually works. It could be a software walk-through or a in-use test of your physical product.

Demonstration videos bring customers as close to the product as they can be without having to physically come and see you. This is especially useful in local business marketing where, for example, your Johannesburg based business is targeting customers in and around your area.

Promotional Video

Entice your audience with an energetic promotional video production that features a special offer, a new product launch or advert,

Never miss a click with irresistible content for social media, your website or digital advertising.

Testimonial Videos

Case studies and customer testimonial videos are sales conversion gold.

Potential customers want to hear about your product/services from your existing customers who have purchased them.

Testimonial video offers the social proof that modern customers demand.

Explainer videos: 

Explainer videos are ideal for illustrating complex offerings to potential customers who need your product or service.

Different to "How to" video content, explainer videos approach ideas in a conceptual way to ensure your offering is understood, rather than instructions.

Expert Interview videos

Build trust and authority with your target audience by creating valuable content.

Record interviews with your in-house subject matter experts or treat your audience to insights from external specialists in your field.

Do you sell tiles? Why not have the manufacturer discuss the difference between authentic Italian tiles and the South African alternatives?

"How-to" videos

Educate your audience with instructional videos. Introduce something new or build on what your audience already knows for a deeper, more practical understanding of your product/service.

Sales and support teams can also use this valuable content when helping customers or to build relationships with prospects.

training Videos: 

Video has never been a more important medium in training than it is now.

Whether it is video for e-learning or a micro video for ad hoc training, businesses demand clear, consistent and memorable video content while learners demand self-paced, easy to access training that is both engaging and educational.

Training video meets those demands

Corporate Event Videos: 

Hosting a conference or corporate event? Make the most of your investment with an event recap or film the entire event to

share with absentees or publish online so that your prospects and potential customers can experience the event too.

CSI video Coverage

Corporate social investment videos showcase your companies contributions to the greater good.

Share the stories around your initiative, show the results of your contributions or document the cause so that others may also contribute.

how do We work?
We make your life easy!

We're all about video and, like you, we really know our stuff. We also know that, as a professional in what you do, video might not be in your skill set. So, we make life super easy and make sure that our process doesn't add to your workload.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We get to know you
  2. We understand what you need
  3. We create the "big Idea" that meets your brief
  4. Our specialist team gets to work planning production
  5. We dive in with full production and and post production to deliver your first viewing
  6. We deliver the final product
You tell us about your business and what you need

We want to get to know you and what you want to achieve for your business, its history and your company culture. We want to learn about your product or service, the problems they solve in the world and, most importantly, who you’re trying to reach.

Understanding your target audience is key to creating video content that truly hits the mark, inspires people and initiates change, action, joy and more.

Understanding what you need

Here we get into the project and discover what you want to say to your target audience and why. This could be a health and safety video, promotional videos for social media or your website to help boots search engine traffic.
What ever your needs are, we’ll  discuss how your video will be delivered and any other elements that may be needed to ensure its success (supporting email campaigns, web pages, digital ads, special formats etc.)

From here we move on to the big idea and the brief that ensures we are all on the same page.

The big idea

Armed with all the knowledge we’ve gathered, our award-winning team of creative directors, writers, consultants, designers and editors start brainstorming. Rest assured, they’ll find the best way to tell your story so your audience will care and you’ll achieve the goals you outlined.  

Once you’re sold on the concept, we get to work

Down and dirty

With all the elements in place and everyone on the same page, we jump right into pre-production. This includes in-depth research, scriptwriting, creating storyboards, refining content, planning, scheduling and any other prep for full production.

As soon as we’re done we present this work to you for sign off. Then....

Full production

In production we hit the ground running with filming just like in the movies.
The content we capture then goes into the edit studio where the final story is cut and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Supporting motion graphics, animation and special effects are added to the product in preparation for the final viewing.

The final viewing is the last opportunity for changes and refinements before delivery.

Final Delivery

Final delivery is where we hand over the finished product by uploading it to your chosen platform.
And that's it. Time to celebrate.

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