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Your customers demand video now more than ever before. It is more convenient and easier access and consume than text based mediums.

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Affordable, professional-quality video production is now available to companies of all sizes.

In marketing, video has proven to show the greatest return on investment compared to any other medium. It generates higher engagement on social media than text or image-based content, higher click through rates in digital advertising and increases the likelihood of sales conversion on websites that feature it. Video is also an important ranking factor for search engines.

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Brand Video: 

Brand video has traditionally been the most common type of corporate film. It allows your to expresses your company culture, vision, mission and more.

It is a great tool for brand building, creating awareness and expressing the passion you interact in the world with. 

Types of marketing videos

There are many forms of promotional video content. When it comes to marketing, they will likely fall into one these categories and will incorporate motion graphics, video, music voice over:

Product demonstration Video: 

Demo videos show how your product or service works in reality.

Be it a software walk-through or a live action test of your physical product, demos give customers a way to experience your product or service in action before buying.

Event Video: 

If you are investing in hosting a conference, CSI activity, or any other type of event you will know that it doesn't come cheap, which is why you must make the most of it.

Event coverage allows you to create an event highlight package or interviews with attendees that you can share online. Both prospects and those who were unable to attend can experience the event too.

Customer Testimonial Video: 

Case studies and customer testimonial videos are sales conversion gold. Your prospects want to know that your products work for people like them.

Your customers are the best ambassadors for your brand. Why not get them to explain how the product works for them and build up social proof. 

"How-to" videos: 

Instructional videos help to educate your audience. They can show something new or build on what they already know to gain a deeper understanding of your product/ solution.

Sales and support teams can also use these "how to" videos when working with customers offering self help options that put the knowledge in the customers hands

Explainer videos: 

Explainer videos are ideal for explaining complex ideas or helping potential customers understand your offering.

A great explainer video production will approach concepts at a high-level rather than provide functional instructions likee "How To" content.

Expert Interview Videos: 

Build trust and authority with your target audience by interviewing and filming subject matter experts in your business or specialists in your field.

Live Streaming Video: 

With live streaming, prospects can interact with real people in real-time which makes it more engaging than regular video.

Stream interviews, presentations or events and encourage viewers to comment with questions. 

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