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Companies and learners alike are more demanding than ever. When it comes to training, they want self-paced, always-on content that is both cost effective and engaging. Training video fits that bill.

If you aren't shifting your training content to video you are falling behind.
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Video is uniquely able to unpack complex ideas in a way that is entertaining, informative and that increases retention. With the drive towards digitization and e-learning platforms, video has quickly become the medium of choice.

For high-quality training video content at scale, Look no further than June Day.

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What makes a great training video?

Training videos are essentially any educational video content. It is specifically meant to teach.

A good training video is educational, entertaining and memorable. Great instructional video is short, easy to understand and follows a logical sequence that is focused on a single learning objective and intentionally crafted to be relevant in both style and substance to a specific audience.

Benefits of using video in training.

Video offers learners always-on access to training and reduces the need for expensive venues, manuals, and travel. Instead, putting the content they need on the devices they already have.

Learners enjoy a more engaging and entertaining experience which keeps them interested and increases retention.

Content is explained exactly the same way each time and complex ideas given more clarity with animation or an acted scene.


A micro-video is a short, highly focused instructional video that targets a single topic or idea. They are ideal for explaining simple concepts quickly.  

Is there a new emergency exit routine? Use a quick micro-video to let everyone know. Do your staff know how to create a screenshot? Quickly create video to explain how it is done.

Type of videos for training

There are many formats that educational video production can take but, they will likely fall into one or more of these categories:

Training Video: 

Training videos are presented in person, by a trained instructor and recorded for distribution.  They involve multiple additional elements such as manuals, web pages or forms to support the training content.

Long form training videos are powerful educational tools for the right audience. It is essential that you consider how your content is consumed be fore starting a video project.


A screencast is a type of educational video that uses a screen recording of a task performed on a computer for the viewer to follow.

Screencast video can also be accompanied by verbal instructions that add depth and context.


Tutorial videos explain an activity through a step by step explanation and demonstration of the process.

They are ideal for showing learners how to complete a specific task like how to tile a bathroom or install software.

Tutorials can be a single clip or a series of videos that explain each step in detail.

Lecture and Presentation Video recording: 

Recording live presentations, lectures or events are an ideal way to share content presented live with those who were unable to attend or with an entirely new audience.

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