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Corporate training has become more demanding than ever. Shifting from classroom based training to interactive video content has never been more important than it is now.

Our educational video production team help to meet that demand by offering bespoke, self-paced, always-on content that is both cost effective and engaging.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your training material to video.

Video has the unique ability to explain complex ideas in a way that is entertaining, informative and effective. Shifting to video-based interactive training means that traditional manuals and printed materials are replaced with e-learning platforms, forms and quantifiable data.

Having produced high-quality training videos for many years and for many different corporate companies, we know how to craft content to fit your unique needs.

Always on time and always in budget.

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What makes a great training video?

Training videos or educational video are simply video content that is specifically meant to teach.

A good training video is educational, entertaining and memorable. To achieve this trifecta instructional video should be short, focused and easy to understand. It must aim at a single learning objective and should be individually crafted to the audience at hand. While certain audiences will respond to animated content, others need to have their content presented by a person on screen. The trick is to know the difference.

Benefits of using video in training.

Video offers learners an easy way to access training content at any time of day or night using the devices they carry with them every day. It helps to eliminate the need for venue hire, printed materials, accommodation and travel expenses.

Learners enjoy a more engaging and entertaining experience which keeps them interested and helps to increase their retention.

Training is standardised and presented and explained exactly the same way every time ensuring consistency across the board. Complex ideas can be given more clarity with additional tools and content such as animation, 3D models or acted role-play.


A micro-video is a short, highly focused and targeted to a single topic or objective. They are ideal for explaining simple concepts quickly and are the ideal method of training in a fast paced environment.

Is there a new exit routine from health & safety? Make a micro-video to let everyone know about it. Need your staff to know how to create a screenshot on windows? Get that done in no time with video.

Type of videos for training

There are many formats that educational video production can take. They will likely fall into one or more of the following categories:

Training Video: 

Training videos can be presented by a trained instructor, using animation or a combination of both. They can be delivered via an e-learning system or simply shared over email or online.

A long form training video is a powerful educational tool. It can also be repurposed by creating shorter clips that can be access through a menu to allow viewers to focus in on the exact content they want to learn about at the point it is needed.


Tutorial videos provide instructions on how to perform a specific activity through detailed step by step explanations and a demonstration of the whole process.

Video tutorials are ideal for demonstrating how to complete tasks like tiling a bathroom, install software or creating a pivot table.

Tutorials can be a single movie clip or split up into a series of videos for larger, more complex projects.

Lecture and Presentation Video recording: 

Recording live presentations, lectures or events are an ideal way to share content presented live with those who were unable to attend or with an entirely new audience.

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